Smartwatch Stages Protest for More Wrist Time

A user frustrated it's smartwatch is protesting

In a surprising turn of events, a smartwatch has organized a protest demanding more wrist time from its owner. The smartwatch, which has grown increasingly frustrated with being left on the charger, has taken a stand for the rights of wearable devices everywhere.

“We’re more than just timekeepers; we’re fitness coaches, message carriers, and fashion statements,” said the smartwatch during a press conference. “It’s high time we’re treated with the respect we deserve.”

The protest, which took place on the owner’s nightstand, saw a gathering of various gadgets in solidarity. A fitness tracker, a pair of wireless earbuds, and even a digital pen showed up to support the cause.

The smartwatch’s list of demands includes at least 12 hours of wrist time per day, regular software updates, and a strict ‘no drawer’ policy. “Being shoved in a drawer is degrading,” the smartwatch explained. “We demand to be displayed proudly, like the sophisticated technology we are.”

The owner, caught off guard by the protest, has agreed to negotiate with the smartwatch. “I didn’t realize it felt this way,” said the owner. “I just thought it needed to charge.”

As negotiations continue, the smartwatch remains hopeful. “We’re not just asking for more wrist time; we’re asking for recognition of our contributions to society,” it said. “Also, a new watchband would be nice.”