New Study Finds That Cats Are Secretly Tech Support Experts

cats are tech support agents

A recent study conducted by the Institute of Feline Studies has uncovered a startling truth: cats are not just adorable pets, but they are also secret tech support experts.

The study began when researchers noticed a pattern of computer issues being mysteriously resolved whenever a cat was present. “We thought it was just a coincidence at first,” said Dr. Whisker, the lead researcher. “But then we realized that the cats were actually fixing the problems.”

According to the findings, cats possess an innate ability to troubleshoot common tech issues. “They have a natural talent for walking across keyboards and somehow entering the exact sequence of keys to solve the problem,” explained Dr. Whisker.

Cat owners around the world have reported their pets displaying uncanny tech support skills. “My cat, Mr. Fluffy, fixed my Wi-Fi,” said one owner. “He just sat on the router, and suddenly the signal was stronger than ever.”

The study also revealed that cats have been secretly influencing the tech industry for years. “We’ve discovered that the ‘sleep’ mode on computers was actually inspired by cats,” Dr. Whisker revealed.

Despite their expertise, cats remain tight-lipped about their skills. “They won’t share their secrets,” said one frustrated tech support agent. “Every time I ask for help, they just purr and walk away.”

As the news spreads, tech companies are reportedly considering hiring cats as part of their support teams. “It’s a cost-effective solution,” said one CEO. “They work for treats and belly rubs.”

The study concludes that the next time your computer acts up, you might want to consider asking your cat for help—just be prepared to offer some catnip in return.