New AI-Powered Toaster Toasts Bread Based on Mood

A toaster working based on mood

In a surprising twist on breakfast technology, a leading kitchen appliance company has unveiled the world’s first AI-powered toaster that toasts bread based on the user’s mood. The toaster, aptly named “MoodToast,” promises to revolutionize breakfast routines around the globe.

“We believe that breakfast should be a personalized experience,” said the company’s CEO. “With MoodToast, your toast will always match your mood.”

The toaster uses advanced mood detection algorithms to analyze the user’s facial expressions and adjust the toasting level accordingly. “If you’re feeling blue, it’ll give you a light, comforting toast. If you’re excited, you’ll get a crispy, well-done slice,” explained the lead engineer.

The announcement has been met with mixed reactions. Some are excited about the prospect of mood-based breakfasts, while others are skeptical. “I don’t want my toaster knowing how I feel,” said one critic. “What’s next, a fridge that judges my diet?”

Despite the controversy, the company stands by its innovative product. “We’re not just making toast; we’re making moods,” said the CEO. “And remember, a toast a day keeps the blues away.”