CES 2024 Introduces ‘Telepathic TV’ That Changes Channels with Your Thoughts

A TV using AI

CES 2024 has been full of surprises, but none more so than the introduction of the ‘Telepathic TV,’ a television that changes channels based solely on the viewer’s thoughts. The device, created by the innovative startup MindFlix, promises a hands-free viewing experience like no other.

“We’re taking ‘thinking outside the box’ to a whole new level,” said MindFlix’s CEO. “With the Telepathic TV, your mind is the remote control.”

The TV uses cutting-edge brainwave detection technology to interpret the viewer’s thoughts and execute commands. “If you think about watching a comedy, it’ll switch to the comedy channel,” explained the lead engineer. “Just don’t think about your ex during a romantic movie marathon.”

The product has received mixed reactions from CES attendees. Some are excited about the prospect of never losing the remote again, while others are concerned about the TV picking up on unintended thoughts. “I was thinking about work, and suddenly the TV switched to a business news channel,” said one tester.

Despite the concerns, MindFlix is confident that the Telepathic TV will change the way we consume media. “It’s all about convenience,” said the CEO. “And if you accidentally start watching a show you hate, well, just think about how much you want to change the channel.”

As CES comes to a close, the Telepathic TV stands out as one of the most talked-about gadgets, leaving many to wonder what will be next in the realm of thought-controlled technology.